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About us

Business Development

Nigel Wilkinson

Nigel is a retired Detective Chief Inspector (DCI), having served both in The Metropolitan Police and latterly in Northumbria Police Force. He retired as Head of Special Branch.

As Head of Special Branch, he led on operations to counter: terrorism, espionage, domestic extremism, proliferation, border and internal security matters; and the protection of our critical national infrastructure.

Prior to this, as a DCI and a Detective Inspector he was the Senior Investigating Officer on major overt and covert investigations. This covered paedophile gangs, protection rackets and drug conspiracies. Here he worked locally, nationally, and internationally both inside and outside the European Union Area. Tactics included human and technical surveillance, informants and the deployment of undercover operatives. He had the honour to receive Judge's, and Chief Constable's Commendations for his work.

For two years he was in charge of a public protection unit, specialising in child protection, management of high risk paedophiles and combatting familial violence in all communities.

Prior to this he was in charge of one of Northumbria Police's surveillance teams for two years. For a further five years he was in charge of intelligence led major crime operations, working around the UK.

He also sat on the Association of Chief Police Officers' (ACPO) Vehicle Crime Action Group. Here he became ACPO Vehicle Crime Secretary where he represented ACPO in liaison with other national bodies such as the Home Office, the Association of British Insurers and other national trade bodies and pressure groups.

Later in service, as a result of his experience with organised crime groups, security matters and transport crime issues he was commissioned to lead on transport and supply chain projects in conjunction with transport and logistics' police forces.

Since retiring in 2011 he has employed his skills in the private and public sectors.

Dennis Shotton

Dennis is a retired Detective Superintendent with over 31 yrs policing experience . He has led several high profile, complex and protracted investigations as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) or a Deputy SIO; utilising new forensic techniques to bring offenders to justice.

He has an extensive operational background in many differing policing areas. This includes: criminal investigation, intelligence, public protection, investigative training and professional standards.

As a silver commander he has successfully led numerous critical incidents, spontaneous and pre-planned firearm operations, including the Raoul Moat active shooter investigation.

As a SIO he also used overt and covert tactics to root out corrupt police officers and staff. Many were subsequently charged and convicted for offences including misconduct in public office.

He is a fully qualified trainer and assessor holding a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). He is now using this experience to write, teach, mentor and assess delegates from law enforcement agencies, together with those working for public and private bodies.

In particular he is presently focusing upon incident management training and the importance of defensible decision making.

Surveillance consultant

Our surveillance consultant is a retired Detective Inspector who was in charge of dedicated police surveillance units for many years. This person was responsible for the management, tasking and deployment of surveillance teams. He managed the police response to crimes in action, such as kidnap and extortion. He was a first responder to mobile armed surveillance situations, and a tactical advisor to senior management. He was an advisor to external agencies regarding the security and surveillance of high value commodities.

He ran the police surveillance training school for three years, leading on courses to national standards.

He has 16 years direct surveillance experience during which he worked on local, regional and national surveillance operations, where he received numerous police and judges' commendations.

Close Protection Services

Our close protection leader will organise: -

  • Executive protection for individuals of high net worth
  • Professional protection drivers with executive standard vehicles
  • International travel protection officers, and
  • Family protection teams


Our leader is a highly motivated, professional and disciplined former Royal Marine with a wealth of operational experience and life skills. As a dedicated Royal Marine he served in Norway, Northern Ireland, Northern Iraq and the former Yugoslavia.

He has experience of working in the Maritime Counter Piracy industry having completed a diverse portfolio of transits through hostile areas. He qualified as a Close Protection Officer. He is skilled in planning and organising tasks to a high client satisfaction.

Until recently he worked as a police officer, he is confident in taking personal responsibility, an honest, trustworthy and a completely reliable individual with a flexible approach to problem solving.

He will write and implement the requirements of your security plan and procedures to keep you safe and allow you to conduct your lawful business and family life.


Computer Forensics Consultant

Our consultant is a former police officer with over 16 years' service as a detective in Scotland Yard's Metropolitan Police Service.

During his service he has provided expert witness testimony in Crown Court, employment tribunals, discipline hearings, and in defending the Metropolitan Police Service against civil litigation.

He has performed work for other police forces and has worked abroad on behalf of the Metropolitan Police in the field of Hi-Tech Crime. He has provided expert witness testimony and e-disclosure expertise as part of those deployments.

He will lead on: -

• Websites visited
• Whether sensitive files have been transferred
• When files were last accessed
• When files were created
• Whether any efforts have been made to alter, delete or conceal potential evidence
• When users logged onto and off of a machine, and what activity took place
• Emails sent and received
• Chat, Skype and instant messaging conversations
• Keystrokes typed
• Passwords Used
• Social Media use (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Dating sites etc.)