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NWS Associates - Business Solutions

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Business invetigation

Business Solutions

Regarding employees do you have a need for or concerns around: -bugged phone

  • Internal investigations
  • Internal fraud and theft
  • Absenteeism
  • Vetting of applicants for senior posts
  • Reducing employment tribunal costs, or other civil actions

Options for us to use to resolve these issues for you are: -

  • Office, residential and vehicle bug sweeping (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures). We invest in high quality equipment specifically to address the threat from spying, bugging and industrial espionage. Our technicians carry out sweeps for electronic equipment which might have been put in place for others to eavesdrop on your private conversations. From boardrooms to bathrooms, our inspections reduce opportunities for competitive intelligence spying and help assure personal privacy
  • Other covert technology
  • Surveillance
  • Counter and anti-surveillance to stop competitors carrying out surveillance on you
  • Security advice and tactics to protect you from a hostile approach from competitors or third parties acting for your competitors
  • Designing and writing for you, a security protocol
  • Regarding internal investigations: we take away the awkward situation of colleagues interviewing current or former colleagues, where awkward relationships could subvert the investigative process.
  • Travel: safety and security advice. Maintain your personal safety when abroad. Keep your secrets secret!
We carry out forensic science investigations with CSI Ltd csi logo

Do you have security issues concerning: -

  • Asset identification and recovery
  • Due diligence
  • Protection of intellectual property, trade secrets; or information security
  • Concerns regarding key workers
  • Protection of staff members of high net worth
  • Unwanted attention from rival companies disturbing your lawful business practice

Critical incident management, would you benefit from: -

  • Assistance with your de-briefs by former senior detectives very experienced in dealing with critical incidents and critical incident de-briefs to a forensic standard
  • The identification of factors where your best practice has not been observed.

Whistle Blowing: -

  • Whistle blowing is legal in the right circumstances and often quite rightly encouraged. However, from a corporate position it is often useful to identify the motives, aspirations and timeline of a whistle blower. This helps to assist you in your decision making, and bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • We provide specialists who will hand to you a comprehensive record of the facts found, and conclusions with their rationale.