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NWS Associates - Family Matters

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0845 869 0366

Family Matters

There is no need to be alone.

We are here to confirm your suspicions or provide you with the reassurance you seek. We will deal with all your concerns sensitively and with compassion.

For instance are you engaged in a child custody dispute as a parent or grandparent?

Do you find yourself in a matrimonial dispute or the breakdown of a relationship? Could do with some evidence gathering assistance?

Sadly, do you have concerns about a partner, wife or husband?

Are you a single parent with a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you want them checking out to protect your children?

Do you have a relative in a care home and have safeguarding concerns about abuse, neglect, or standards of care?

Would you like to locate old friends, parents, long lost relatives, partners and spouses, or missing persons?

From our first conversation we will listen to your worries, we understand your problems as we have worked with others in your situation.

We will provide you with practical reassurance; we know that each case is unique and together with you we will devise a route to find out the information you want to know.

To provide you with the evidence or information you need, we utilise various covert surveillance options, both human and technical.

We use experienced male and female operatives to investigate the matter on your behalf.