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NWS Associates - Tracking Technology

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Tracking Technology

We are pleased to announce our belief in this tracking technology to protect and monitor your loved ones; and treasured commodities.

UK designed and manufactured - we recommend you look at their sites.

One of our staff members will be more than happy to give you independent advice on any of your queries.

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Care Where GPS monitors: the Safety Belt and Portable Monitor


Peace of mind for you, non-intrusive care and simple to use personal alarm and location solutions for vulnerable people.

Care Where products are unique because they put complete control in the hands of the carers.

  • By text message you will be able to find the wearer within seconds on your mobile phone or computer. No call centre is involved.
  • The belt tells the carer when it is on, or if it has been undone. You will have absolute certainty that the wearer has it with them.

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The Complete Location System


The Beaver security system uses unique tracking and location technology. It incorporates three advanced location systems and is so small that it can be hidden virtually anywhere on an asset. It can run from an external power supply or its own internal battery. It is rugged, robust, and waterproof. It is being used by the military and the police, and has been tested in the harshest of environments.

It has the ability to track and locate your commodity directly from your smart phone and via the internet.